Flashlight Test 2016

Irreplaceable equipment, in addition to a  good shoes , a stable tent  and a warm sleeping bag is in each trek a flashlight, because in nature it is opposed to really dark in the city at night. Stock darkness. Without flashlight, it can happen that you do not even look at moonless nights their own hands in mind. The course also has advantages. So you can sleep in the wild often much better and deeper and is forced also to go in time with the sleep under the sun continuously. However, it is inevitable that one night and even have to use the toilet, or that there are situations where you have to look at night for a suitable parking space.

Flashlight Test 2016

The 4 Best Flashlights Compared

Taschenlampen Test Zweibrüder LED Lenser P7.2

The LED Lenser P7.2 by the company two brothers is an absolute top flashlight. The build quality is great and despite their handsome luminous power, the P7.2 is handy and easy. Water spray can you not mind, so it is also suitable for easy outdoor use.

The manufacturer Two brothers has made over the Bedinung many thoughts, so for example, the big switch can be easily operated even when wearing gloves.

The brightness is impressive with bright 320 lumens and the light width of 260 meters certainly for virtually every application more than adequate. The batteries last with 4 high quality AAA batteries up to 50 hours, which is great, because so for most tours no spare batteries must be carried along.

The Two Brothers Lenser P7.2 in action and in comparison with the Mag-Lite can in here to see.

Conclusion: First-class workmanship, strong performance, easy and user friendly design and to a fair price. Absolute buy recommendation!

Flashlight Test ThruNite TN12

The Chinese manufacturer ThruNite TN12 promises peak power at bargain prices. In our flashlights test convinced us that TN12 by their light weight, so it can be carried easily even on long trips.

Also positive the 5 well-designed operating stages we noticed. In particular, the darkest mode in which the TN12 is illuminated with only 0.4 lumens especially at night in the tent useful if the other should not be woken up in the tent.

With 143 x 25.4mm the TN12 is relatively compact and fits comfortably in your hand.

The maximum brightness is surprisingly bright 1050 lumens and also convinces TN12 through their scheme, so that even if becomes weaker battery luminosity not sluggishness.

However, the processing of the TN12 not nearly as high as in the other models in our flashlights test. Nevertheless, the TN12 is sufficient shockproof and also keeps water splashes from any problems.

Everyone is looking for a tremendously powerful bargain makes the ThruNite TN12 nothing wrong.

Flashlight Fenix ​​TK41 Test

The TK41 from the Chinese manufacturer Fenix ​​is an absolute professional model. Besides the excellent robustness, provides the TK41 peak values ​​in terms of luminosity and range. The maximum brightness amounts to almost 1000 lumens and the illumination range almost impressive 500 meters.

But it is not quite cheap and a bit too expensive for occasional use it.

The weight is a little high, but still acceptable when considering the robustness and water resistance with the picture. Moreover, has the TK42 a built scheme which ensures that the luminosity with dwindling battery power is not low.

A video of the TK41 in action, there is here to see.

Conclusion: The TK41 by Fenix ​​is ​​an excellent flashlight. There are departures but for the high weight and the high price.

Flashlight Test Mag-Lite 3D Cell

Absolute classics are the flashlights from Mag-Lite I still know all too well from my Pfadfinerzeit from my youth.Like most Mag-Lite products convinced the 3D Cell by a robust aluminum housing and otherwise by an excellent processing. In the housing there is also a 10 year warranty and supplied with a spare bulb is included.

However, the lamp is quite large and heavy and therefore only suitable for use where the flashlight a long time must be taken.

The one negative to us that the lens is made of plastic and is therefore very susceptible to scratches.

Overall, the Mag-Lite 3D-Cell is ideal for use at home and for those seeking a robust air, but do not hang too much emphasis on the ease of air. For treks it is better to choose a lighter air.

Criteria in Flashlights Test

Of course, it is also conceivable an outdoor mobile phone  or smartphone  take that has a flashlight function. It is true but warns the cell phone is only work with a battery and this time there are rarely empty ways to charge him in the wild again. In contrast flashlights that will often work with conventional batteries, you can take simple replacement batteries. However, this obviously means additional weight and so that gives nowadays even flashlights that you can recharge itself again by being shaken. In particular, as an emergency flashlight, such models are very useful.

So that you are able to make an informed buying decision, the criteria are explained below in our flashlights test. Moreover, the various methods are presented, which are now used in modern flashlights to produce Lich ..

The main criteria for our flashlights test the brightness , measured in lumens, stability and of course the price. Further advantages can collect flashlights that have different levels of brightness, because not always one wishes for the maximum light output. For example, if you get up and avoid night wants that the body of the flashlight it thinks would again day. In addition, so battery power can be saved.

One popular method is to test the performance of a torch with the torch at night illuminate an object in a known distance and observed brightness. For the quality of the result particularly the construction of the mirror inside the light is important because this determines how focused the emergent light is.

us is likewise in flashlights test important that the lamp is well in hand and not too heavy, so that they can be worn for longer periods.Anyway, with each piece of equipment that is to be taken to a trekking tour, the weight is an important criterion.

Particularly important for robustness, but also for the weight, the material has been made of the housing. The most popular materials are here aluminum and plastic.

Absolute requirement is that the processing is so good that the flashlight does not break through splashing as in any outdoor application, the Risk of splashing is really equal to zero.

Many users are also important dimensions of the lamp. Especially with particularly luminous copies, one should not be from the word bagscan cause lamp in the mistaken, the very few models in this category are in a pocket space. If the intention is a lamp that can be always carried on the body, you have to compromise what the luminosity regards accepted.

Although there are now very cheap flashlight buy but these are so cheap for a reason. Often these are not unbreakable and are already damaged to moist air. Moreover, such cheap lamps use provided by the batteries available energy is not effectively what the consequence has that one gets very little light for a lot of energy. Thus, then you pay for the cost of batteries it what you have saved previously.

Flashlights Categories

LED Flashlights Flashlight Test

The most popular fluorescent technology nowadays make LED lamps represent, as they are not only lighter and more energy efficient but also more resistant to knocks and drops. LED is the abbreviation of the English word for LEDs, Light-Emitting Diode.  Typically, these are made ​​of semiconductor materials and work like ordinary diodes. There is always a pass and a reverse direction, which is only issued at the flow of current in the forward-direction light. This is also the reason why the battery is to be inserted correctly rum.

A special feature of LED lamps is that the built-diodes emit no heat radiation and therefore effective energy can be saved. Also can be selected by the choice of a suitable semiconductor, a monochrome optical wavelength, which is emitted from the diodes. In contrast, a filter over the light of the light bulb needs to conventional light bulbs to be able to generate monochromatic light are placed, the all light except for the monochrome absorbed. This filter always goes naturally accompanied by a marked loss of brightness. Thus LED bulbs are not only energy-efficient but also much brighter. As if that were not enough, LED lamps have a much longer service life compared to incandescent lamps. For particularly high-quality diode service life ten times as large.

So it is no wonder that LED flashlight have almost completely replaced conventional light bulbs from the market. By popularizing these are just as affordable as conventional light bulbs Flashlights 20 years ago today.

Flashlights With Inert Gas in The Torches Test

Another new invention is that the volume in which the filament is filled with an inert gas such as xenon or krypton filled which can significantly improve the luminous efficiency. This is possible because the inert gas prevents evaporate the filament on, so that the lamp can be operated at a higher power without running the risk that the wire will break. Furthermore unfortunately considerably goes the life of the light bulbs used.

Selbstaufladbare Flashlights Flashlight Test

Flashlight with inductor

As mentioned in the introduction, there are a variety of methods with which torches can be made so, so that they can be charged by mechanical work again by the user nowadays. The two most common mechanisms are

  • Dynamo flashlightsand
  • Flashlight with inductors.

Dynamo flashlights lit as long as they are kept running by pressing a switch on. Flashlight with inductors may be charged by the shaking of the housing. By shaking namely slips a permanent magnet by an electrical coil and generates in the coil an induction current. This induced current then invites to a built-in flashlight battery.

History of Flashlights

the flashlight was invented more than hardly 100 years ago. The English inventor David Misley developed in 1899 the first torch and in 1906 the first lamps for your pocket is patent pending. A characteristic feature is that the light is lit such is radiated in a directional cone. This focusing of light output allows the orientation in the dark can be supplied with a power consumption of batteries. The first models were developed before there was ever buy batteries and why. worked these first copies with flour as an electrolyte. This state of affairs is most known by an experiment from school. By attaching a wire between two potatoes, a small light bulb are brought to light. Due to the potential difference in the two electrolytes, captures the power, in the form of electrons, to the flowing a potato in the other, and on his way through the light bulb these electrons generate friction, which in turn heats the filament. enough electrons have rubbed on their way through the wire to the molecules of the light bulb is Glühdrat this is so that begins to glow and shine it.

All prices incl. VAT. The shipping costs may vary depending on the selected shipping method. The Shipping costs are based on information provided by the supplier and be automated updated once a day. This may differ from the price of the supplier sporadically the indicated price. Decisive is the actual price that the seller indicating the time of purchase on his website.

The individual tests reflect the personal opinion of the authors. Despite thorough examination, errors may have crept in. No liability can be accepted for any resulting damage.


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