The Best Powerful Tactical Torch Lights

Through our comparison of the best military torches , powerful tactics, you will discover the best models of lamps for tactical use either for police, gendarmerie, army or use as a particular for hiking, survivalism, trekking etc. We have compared 10 powerful torch lamps through various precise criteria which are power, autonomy, quality of manufacture and use of the lamp in order to help you to choose which is the best powerful lamp for you!If you are interested in models of headlamps, you can find our guide on powerful LED headlamps.

Our favorite tactical light

Fenix ​​PD35

The Fenix ​​PD35 is one of our favorite powerful torch lamps for various reasons.The first is its autonomy of more than 100 hours in low consumption mode, its manufacturing quality as well as its power of 1000 Lumens.

A high quality lamp with a very good value for money. An ideal model for the adventure of military/tactical lamps . Discover the complete test of the Fenix ​​PD35.

Definition of our evaluation criteria

  • The power of the lamp.Without really giving a fixed value to the minimum power required to consider a lamp as powerful, we only chose lamps exceeding 300 lumens in order to make a first sort.Most of the tactical models tested nevertheless exceed 1000 lumens.
  • Manufacturing quality.Another important criterion, especially in the case of the purchase of a tactical lamp, will have to be resistant in all circumstances and will persist over time (notably for trades like firefighter , army or gendarmerie).
  • Autonomy.This is a very important criterion for powerful torch lamps whether for point use or not.These torches are often far more energy intensive than “classical” torches.
  • Field use:this criterion will group our opinions on the different tactical modes that are symbols of the military torch lamps as well as details such as the positioning of the buttons on the body of the torch (stop button, tactics, sos, mode change etc) as well as other small details.

Comparison of 10 powerful and versatile torches

New guide to the latest models of powerful LED torch lamps with notable brands such as Fenix, Klarus and Maglite .Discover our top 10 of the most powerful lamps that are sold on the French market.You will find in our buying guide all the basic information on each lamp model with the capacity of its battery, the number of Lumens as well as its functionalities (type strobe function etc).We hope that this guide will help you choose a tactical lamp that fits perfectly into your use.

# 1.Nitecore Multitask Hybrid 27 – 1000 Lumens

Our opinion on the Nitecore Hybrid 27:

  • 1000 Lumens
  • 4 tactical modes + Strobe and SOS
  • Adjustable autonomy up to 33 hours in real situation
  • Manufacture aluminum and quality Nitecore
  • Nitecore NL189 batteries can be boosted.

In short:

For us the Nitecore Hybrid 27 is a powerful high-end lamp that will be recommended for those wishing to embark on the adventure of tactical lamps .It requires an investment with the purchase of a battery in addition but it will be profitable after some uses where a lamp of poor quality will end up being damaged, break or simply will not have the pretensions of a real torch tactic of 1000 Lumens.

We start nicely this comparison with the very beautiful Nitecore Hybrid 27 that we had already ranked among our top 10 rechargeable lamps in usb.We invite you to see the details of the model on the other guide.Here is a summary and why it has its place in our guide to powerful tactical torches:

First point, it has a power of 1000 Lumens which places it in the powerful category according to our ranking.As it was tested outdoors, you will be able to light over a distance of more than 300 meters which is quite impressive for this power!

The lamp has 4 modes of tactical operation with 3 colors of LED (that’s more for the fun side):blue, red, green.The 4 modes allow you to adjust the intensity of the LED (between 50 and 1000 lumens).Like all tactical lamps, it has its strobe mode for all cases of self-defense as well as an SOS mode for use in mountain or in case of call for help.

Regarding the autonomy, count 1h50 in mode 1000 Lumens and more than 30 hours in low consumption. To know that the torch is fueled by a battery of type 18650 (not provided, we advise you the batteries Nitecore NL189, a little expensive but really above all in terms of capacity.) As for quality, we have a 100% aluminum body similar to the Maglite and Fenix, that is to say that it is robust!

The last point concerning the handling and the use in real situation, the lamp is rather in the norm in terms of weight (~ 300g).The button to change the tactical modes and activate the strobe mode is well placed and it looks resistant and not too sensitive, a good point for the Nitecore!

In summary, a high-end military flashlight with a price accordingly but that can make a very good first tactical lamp!By taking care of it, it will hold years without any worries (we have our for 3 years, we never had to change the LED).

# 2. Nitecore 12 GT torch light. Tactical light 1000 Lumens

Our opinion on the Nitecore 12 GT:

  • 1000 Lumens
  • 4 tactical modes + Strobe and SOS
  • Adjustable autonomy up to 150 hours in low conso mode
  • Manufacture aluminum and quality Nitecore
  • Sold with strap and storage case
  • Nitecore NL189 batteries can be boosted.

In short :

Like its big sister the Nitecore 12 GT has attractive assets in particular in terms of autonomy and power.This tactical lamp will be a very good lamp for activities such as hunting, hiking or mountain biking with a suitable support.A worthwhile investment if you are looking for aquality tactical flashlight!

A small sister of the Nitecore Hybrid 27, this military torch also has several tactical modes for use in emergencies or extreme outdoor situations.

This type of powerful torch is available in two versions:a livery with a Nitecore 18650 2300 mAh acu and another delivered with a charger Klarus K1 + 1 battery Efest 18650 2600 mAh.It is a concentrate of power, as it generates about 1000 lumens in turbo mode.

This model has two different modes, the turbo mode and the user mode in which you will have 5 under Strobe and SOS mode.

Concerning the different tactical modes, the passage in Turbo mode is done by screwing slightly the head in order to obtain a maximum level of lighting. To switch to user mode lambda, just unscrew the head of the LED lamp and choose your lower intensity level with the on/off button.
Note that in different modes, you have access to the momentary mode.With regard to the Nitecore optical system, this torch light can illuminate targets that can be located at 320 m.This makes it ideal for hunting and technical operations.

Our opinion on the Nitecore 12GT

We have a flashlight with a lighting at the top several hundred meters. The only defect we noticed on this LED torch is probably the user mode which is not very practical, as the mode changes each time you turn the lamp off and on again.

To avoid this, it is possible to switch to turbo mode before switching off the lamp and then switch on and back to the user mode to keep the setting at the intensity level.

Whatever the case, this torch lends itself well to tactical uses as in need the security agents for example during their round nocturnes.The Nitecore is a robust and solid torch that will follow you everywhere during your expeditions to nature and other outdoor pursuits.

# 3. The famous Fenix ​​PD35, high-end military tactical lamp

Our opinion on the Fenix ​​PD35:

  • 1000 Lumens
  • One of the best value for money in the market
  • Up to 100 hours of battery life
  • Aluminum quality @Fenix
  • Sold with strap and batteries
  • 2 years warranty

In short :

The Fenix ​​PD35 is one of the cheapest premium high-end lamps on the market . It is for this reason that this lamp is one of our favorite lamps, especially if you intend to invest in a good tactical lamp without having to pay more than 100 €!

What makes the PD35 an ideal tactical police lamp is that it fits for the majority of situations you will face as a private or pro.

This lamp is ideal for everyday use or as part of a night guarding job. In addition, its charging is ultra-fast for a range of 150h in energy-saving mode.
Note that the battery should be recharged at least once every 4 months to maintain optimal performance. Like most powerful LED lamps, the lifetime of this one (according to the manufacturer is 50,000 hours).

L a PD 35 lamp also memorizes the last ignition mode that was selected before it was switched off (except when using the strobe mode).

Our opinion on the PD35

To make it simple, this lamp is THE tactical lamp at the best price/quality ratio of the market . Go ahead you will not regret it. For a more detailed review, refer to our complete test on the Fenix ​​PD 35!

# 4. Ultra powerful lamp Klarus XT11GT with 2000 Lumens under the hood!

Our opinion on the Klarus xt11gt tactic

  • 2000 Lumens
  • Good value for money
  • Up to 170 hours of autonomy
  • High-end aluminum body
  • Sold with battery, usb recharge…
  • 2 years warranty

In short:

The Klarus xt11gt is without a doubt one of the most interesting military lamps on the market as it was already mentioned in our comparative rechargeable flashlights via usb .For less than a hundred euros you have a torch of 2000 lumens, a rechargeable battery in usb, a belt clip and other accessories of any kind to be discovered on the card produced directly.We highly recommend this torch for its power and manufacturing quality.

Here are the main features and benefits of this Klarus model that will delight all people looking for power coupled with adjustable range. First of all know that the torch holds perfectly in the palm of the hand with its 14,2 cm and you will have a very good grip (man or woman). We are on Klarus so the quality is felt as soon as the box opens with a beautiful tactical 100% aluminum aeronautical.

A tactical lamp with 3 modes (the mode selection is done via the side button and then the back button to change the intensity once the mode is selected):

  • Classic tactical mode:by pressing the tactical button you will have access to the strob, SOS, low and medium conso modes as well as the turbo mode.
  • Outdoor mode:just like the classic tactical mode but intended for outdoor use
  • Tactical Mode Assault:allows to have a mode with only the strobe mode activated.

Personally, we do not really understand the interest of Outdoor mode nor Tactical assault, we lose more than anything else in the change of fashion so not really convinced!

In terms of performance of the 2000 lumens, a range of 48 minutes is achieved in the Turbo mode (2000 lms), a little longer in the strob mode (2000 pulsed) and more than 170 hours in 10 lumens mode (mode that consumes the least amount of battery) The battery charges quickly in +/- 4 hours via USB.

Is it recommended or not?

If you are looking for a real good tactical lamp with a power to dazzle cows in the fields, the Klarus xt11gt is a good option! Indeed, it illuminates to more than 300 meters so level power there is no to come back on.

Where the lamp sins a little it is at the level of the autonomy in turbo mode, one falls to less than an hour but it is understandable to this power there especially that it works with a single battery!

The only black point is the change of the different modes. We tend to tangle the brushes by wanting to change the tactical modes when it should be simple to be able to select the one we want in a few pressures but sometimes it is quite frustrating believe us! Aside from this black dot, the Klarus is a sturdy lamp of less than 300 grams battery included and comes with many accessories that will make the happiness of both individuals and professionals.

# 5. Tactical Flashlight Maglite TAC

Our opinion on Tactical Maglite (TAC)

  • 320 Lumens
  • Warranty 10 years
  • 4 hours of full power
  • High-end aluminum body
  • Sold with belt clip and 2 batteries
  • Buying a Maglite is never wrong …

In short :

You will tell us,” yes but I’m looking for a powerful lamp and the Mag TAC has 320 lms …”, we hear it every day this sentence.So yes you are right the lamp only delivers 320 lumens on paper but the reality is quite different.This tactical model easily rivals the Fenix ​​PD35 for example.No need to have 10 000 lumens to illuminate during your expeditions in forest believe us.This tactical Maglite is also one of the preferred models of the people practicing survivalism or the rangers is that there is a reason behind this choice: Maglite manufacturing quality.In short it is recommended with eyes closed…

We could not but include a tactical Maglite lamp in our great comparison of military torches!When you think of the Maglite brand, you immediately think of the icon of the brand that is the Maglite 3D Led.Nevertheless, Maglite also has some powerful and very interesting tactical models including the Maglite Tac that we have selected for this test.

Let us begin with the power of the beast.Maglite promises us 320 lms in high power (which may seem weak when compared to the 1000 or 2000 lumens lamps that are tested here) but it does not believe it!In terms of brightness one is in something far superior to a maglite XL200.

The 100% power mode will not disappoint you, we managed to illuminate to more than 150 meters, not bad for a tactical lamp of barely 350 lumens not true?

The torch is powered by 2 CR123 A batteries (included) which you can replace with rechargeable batteries such as the olight 3.7v and gain in autonomy and power!While talking about autonomy, know that in full power mode the lamp worked for exactly 4 hours and 12 minutes which is a very good performance for a military flashlight.

Like all tactical lights, the Maglite TAC has 3 modes of operation that can be activated via the tactical button on the back of the torch:an on/off mode, a 100% mode and a strobe mode.

Other useful information, the torch is entirely made of brushed aluminum, it weighs 180 grams with batteries, is shockproof and water resistant (IPX standard) and its dimensions are 13.4cm x 2.6cm, it fits perfectly in a pocket or belt via belt clip delivered with!

Our opinion on this model TAC from Maglite

We like the fact that the tactical button is simple to use in the sense that there are only 3 modes of operation.It is regrettable, however, that the lamp does not have an average mode and low consumption .Nevertheless we understand the choice of the brand at this level since the lamp provides max 320 Lms, there is not necessarily need to have lower modes of brightness but good…

We have here a tactical lamp of very good quality with the guarantee 10 years Maglite usable for all outdoor activities (camping, hiking, survivalism …) but also for professional use in civilian.It is recommended to invest in batteries once the batteries supplied with the torch are exhausted!

In short, buy a Maglite TAC and you will not be disappointed (do not base yourself on its indicative power because it has much more to offer …)

# 6. Soonfire VS37 – Tactical light 1060 lumens

Our opinion on the Soonfire VS37

  • 1060 lumens
  • 6 tactical modes
  • Very good value for money
  • 100h + autonomy in eco mode
  • Good quality aluminum body
  • Sold with a battery and usb cable

In short :

A torch that we tend to recommend for people limited by their budget or who simply do not want to invest more than 50 € in a flashlight . For this price, you have a tactical aluminum lamp with a very good power, an acceptable range in low conso mode. In short, the VS37 is worth all the same!

Find the full test here: read the test of the Soonfire VS37.

The VS37 from Soonfire has a luminous flux of 1060 lumens with its LED CREE XM-L2 U3 (which besides is limited to 1060 lms).First good point for fans of powerful torch, since in Turbo mode (1060 lms), we managed to illuminate to more than 280 meters which places this model above the average of the military/tactical lamps (~ 180m ).

Regarding the different lighting modes , please note first that they are accessible via the button on the lamp body and not behind it. The button is not too sensitive so no risk that the torch will light up in your pocket or carrying bag …

To return to the different tactical lights, you can adjust the lamp on no less than 6 different intensity modes:very low conso 8lms, low conso 60 lms, average conso 200 lms, high conso 500 lms, turbo 1060 and mode SOS and Stroboscope!

What to expect for autonomy? We are a little disappointed by the autonomy in Turbo mode that will not exceed 55 minutes despite the 2 batteries provided. For other modes, the more you go down in intensity the better you will get. The 500 lumens mode holds more than 2h30 which is still too low for us, the mode 200 lumens by cons holds around 6:30.

In terms of manufacturing quality, we are on classic aluminum. A good grip and a good quality torch print like all SoonFire. For dimensions, the torch is 16.9cm x 4.9cm head diameter and 2.9 body for a weight of less than 200 grams with batteries or battery.

Would we recommend this model to a loved one?

The answer is yes. Everything depends on the budget you have, but this lamp is very good value for money investment in a mid-range tactical lamp (due to its low battery life). In summary a good choice for people limited by their budget and who do not wish to add a few extra euros for a really high end lamp that will hold longer over time.

# 7. Olight M23 Javelot – The Ultimate Tactical Kit

Our opinion on the powerful Olight Javelot M23

  • 1020 lumens
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Complete set
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Aluminum Manufacturing
  • Big blow of heart daprès test in lab

In short:

Big big blow of heart both in terms of power and autonomy. If you opt for the complete package you will not be disappointed, especially with the Olight batteries far superior to what is currently on the market. We highly recommend the Javelin Olight if you have the budget for an ultra powerful torch.

Ahhh the torches Olight, what do we adore them! Today we present you one of the most popular models amongst hunters, hikers and even in some corps of the army! The model that we tested is the M23 Javelot to know that we bought the model with charger + 2 batteries as in the picture above to carry out the test.

First impression at the opening of the box, a nice lamp in brushed aluminum as we like. The torch is 14.5cm x 4cm for the head and weighs 130g with the batteries.

Let us move on to serious things, power, and WHAT POWER! Sincerely we were really surprised by the light output that propels the XP-L LED. We are on 1020 lumens but we clearly exceed the power of the Soonfire VS37 for example. To give you an idea, the beam illuminates more than 400 meters, this is one of the first times that we have this type of data for a flashlight!

Second point very interesting is the autonomy. If you buy the pack with Olight 3400 mAh batteries, the battery life will be longer than its competitors with more than 2 hours in powerful mode and up to 30 hours depending on the mode used.

The torch has 3 tactical modes: Strobe and brightness adjustment between 20 and 1020 lumens (660 lms – 350 and 20 lms).

The box contains:2 Olight batteries + one charger + M23 Javelin torch + one wrist strap + notice.

Our opinion on the Javelot model from Olight

We love to love and love! So yes the box costs more than the majority of the tactical lamps sold on the market (although adding the batteries in addition we arrive around the same tariffs) but that is not the question. With the M23 Javelot we are on a solid investment and for the blow in terms of power we surpass the 3/4 of the models presented here.

You couple this to a rather good autonomy and you have the magic recipe for a very good torch power:the Olight M23 Javelot

# 8. Ledware XP 1R Trooper II Max – Tactical Lamp 650 lms

Our opinion about the Ledware Trooper II

  • 650 lumens
  • 2 years warranty
  • Premium case with charger and battery
  • 2 h of autonomy but fast recharge in 2h30.
  • Aluminum aeronotics
  • Lamp much used by police officers

In short:

For this model, the packaging is clearly paid.We are moderately convinced mainly because of price and autonomy (not adjustable) not necessarily sufficient although above average.We recommend this tactical torch for lovers of beautiful pieces and looking for a powerful lamp that will last for several years.PS:he will want to invest in a more powerful battery of the type Olight.

Ledware, a brand of flashlight a little less known than the Fenix, Maglite and co but with high quality lamps very very good quality as you will discover through this mini test. The model tested is the Trooper XP 1R 2 which is used by many Alpine hunters, gendarmes and military.

The first thing we liked was the packaging.As can be seen from the picture above, the Trooper 2 is not delivered in blister or other but in a nice case with foam inside to store and keep your tactical torch in the best possible conditions.

The torch comes with a classic charger + cigarette lighter + rechargeable battery 18650 (2500 mAh) which is highly appreciated at that price!

After testing the machine in real life conditions, we were surprised first by the beam and its impact diameter (around 9 meters) as well as nearly 247 meters of range (rather not bad for a torch of 650 lumens not true?).And in terms of power, you could win a few meters by investing in a better battery.

Let’s move on to autonomy.With the battery delivered by default, we have no results folichons although we are above most tactical flashlights of the genre: 1h50 in continuous mode.

It should be known that this tactical lamp is a different one from the others because it does not have the Strobe mode.Instead it has a “flash” mode which as its name indicates a flash of 1 sec and goes off.Nevertheless this torch is considered as a military or tactical lamp.(see the video here to understand ).

Good point: the lamp charges very quickly (2h30) with the base battery, this can be a bit longer with a high capacity battery.Good news, no need to take the battery out of the body of the lamp to recharge it, you just need to turn the DC nozzle on the body of the lamp and insert your cable to recharge your Trooper like a smartphone!

What do you think of this Tactical Ledware?

We are a bit mixed on this tactical torch mostly in relation to the fare and the absence of a true strobe mode.Nevertheless for its dimensions of less than 16 cm and to less than 180g it is classed among the most luminous torches that we have tested so far which can justify the tariff.The quality of manufacture is also at the rendezvous and the packaging makes this lamp a very beautiful tactical tool.

# 9. ThruNite TN12 – An Unknown Tactical Lamp

Our opinion on the flashlight Thrunite TN12

  • 1100 lumens
  • 6 tactical modes
  • Very good value for money
  • Battery life up to 10 hours on low fashion conso
  • Very good build quality (100% aluminum)
  • Recommended lamp for use by connoisseurs EDC

In short:

To be brief, it is recommended that lamp regardless of the use you intend to make. Although tactic, it can be used in all areas of your life (or for use in EDC). In addition to this price it would really deprive that do not invest in a tactical torch very well made ..

The Thrunite N12 is a tactical flashlight that features 1100 lumens and an LED a bit special because it uses the same technology as some dive lights ie the LED projects a beam slightly yellowish white in order to have optimal color rendering.

Some loose information about the torch itself. It has a bright object while aluminum with a weight of 181 grams (with battery). Dimensions: 14.3 x 2.5 in diameter, so that one is in a perfect size for handling an EDC use . We also like to use it as an external light mechanical coupled to a strobe phase shift for example.

The Thrunite N12 has 5 brightness modes + the strobscope fashion , all accessible via the side tactical button. The button on the back of the lamp is the On / Off button and. We Turbo mode that produces 1100 lumens at higher intensity than the high fashion of 1100 lumens as well. These modes will be useful for example in forest hunting to see more than 150 meters with a diameter of 60 degrees and a good “flood”.

The other modes are respectively 435, 175 and 0.43 lumens, all used for different conditions (ranging from reading a book in the lowest mode for objects in his garden to 435 lm). The torch has a mode memory that is that if you turn off the lamp in turbo mode, it will turn on in turbo mode.

In terms of autonomy, with NiteCore battery 3200 mAh , it reached 1:23 in turbo mode which is quite a reasonable performance given the intensity of the beam. The more we go down in modes more battery last long until more than 10 hours mode and 175 lumens in a long long time mode clear 0.43 moon.

Like all tactical lights presented in this comparison, it has the IPX-8 standard and is resistant to impact less than 1 meter.

Our opinion on TN12 Thrunite

Although little known in the trade, if we begin to look closely at survivalism or persons who have tested many flashlights like this, we see that they all recommend the universally. In truth, this lamp features one of the best value/market price (except that you have to invest in a battery-type 18650). It is a high-end lamp cheap. We can compare it to the Fenix PD35 in terms of features.

In other words, we warmly recommend this lamp for its price, power and manufacturing quality.

# 10. JETBeam MIII tactics 1100 lumens

Our opinion on the tactical JETBeam

  • 1100 lumens
  • 6 tactical modes
  • Good value for money
  • Military aluminum body
  • Comes with battery and charger USB

In short :

The JETBeam MIII is a good investment for connoisseurs and beginners. JETBeam is a reputed brand in America for its reliability and some of its models are used in the US Army therefore no questions when the quality of this tactic torch. It is available at a good price, has good power but not necessarily ideal autonomy following the use you intend to do.

For our 10th model tested was JETBeam chooses a lamp, a brand of flashlight you probably know already name. FYI, in Europe, the brand selling its products under the Niteye brand.

The torch has an LED XP-L new generation and with 1100 lumens if we managed to illuminate some 220 meters outdoors. The beam is white (cold) with an impact weight of 7 meters medium range.

The JETBeam MIII weighs 198grammes with its rechargeable battery, 15.1 cm x 3.8 cm in diameter. A high-end lamp made entirely of aluminum military IPX-8 standards and anti Falls.

It has six brightness modes and a strobe method to use to defend themselves if attacked. You can navigate between the turbo mode 1100 lumens and ultra low-cons mode 1 lumens depending on the situation and the environment in which you operate.

We are a bit disappointed in terms of autonomy, faintly reached 40 minutes turbo 1100 lumens fashion . The lifespan of the battery is improved as soon as one passes in less greedy energy modes with 4:30 500 films and more than 10 hours in 180 films. The price of the power is paid on JETBeam.

Note: the lamp is operated either with a rechargeable type battery 18650 (sold with the torch) either via two CR123A. Lumens 1100 turbo mode is achievable with a batch of 2 CR123A otherwise tactics torch provide only 980 lumens with a single battery.

Our opinion

The JETBeam 3 despite some odd on autonomy remains a very good reference in the world of tactical lights . A little more expensive than average but for that price you will be entitled to the torch + USB Charger + Battery So we found it easily. Personally I will lead me to a Klarus, Fenix or even Thrunite left to choose a lamp upscale torch (matter of preference for these brands there).

What does she recommended is a tactical flashlight?

A common question and the answer will never change: a tactical flashlight is primarily intended for security forces for self-defense reasons, glare during apprehension whether indoor or outdoor. While this is still true today, technology has advanced a lot, LEDs used allow to have more and more power in ever lamps more compact.

What to understand when talking about tactical lamp is that it aims to destabilize. Whether a human, an animal, tactical effect, or rather the power supplies at a time T to an individual or animal will inevitably as a reaction to be blinded/destabilized.

Now it’s all clear. The tactical lights can be used for many activities we’ll cited below not for their blindness properties but for their power, SOS mode and the possibilities to adjust the intensity of the light beam according to the situation in which is examples of activities or sport where it is interesting to have a powerful tactical flashlight.:

  • Hiking/trekking (whether day or night, a flashlight is always a must-have to be carried in his backpack) and ideally a powerful flashlight.
  • Hunting. Again a tactical flashlight will be very helpful especially the dark.
  • Diving:good there is a little different because it will not be the same type of lamp that in this guide but most also have a tactical device and a high power (see our special dive light guide ).
  • Cycling and mountain biking:enough to illuminate the road or paths in the forest, you will have again a powerful lamp
  • Exploring caves – Caving:everything depends on the situation but your lamp is front or not, a powerful tactical flashlight should be exercised to locate once underground.
  • The airsoft:it will mostly invest in support for your ball like weapon for hunting but tactical lights are perfectly designed for this discipline.
  • For navigation and sea fishing

Of course a tactical flashlight is absolutely a place for everyday use OR “EDC” literally “every day carring”. You will not use full power (except special situations) and recommend us often invest in a quality tactical flashlight that can be used all year round in your house/apartment and during camping holidays etc. by example.

I want to buy my first tactical torch but I lost between models, power …

We understand your concerns because we were in the same situation when we started. Here are some tips that can give you to choose the perfect tactical light (for your needs).

Warning criteria are ranked from most important to least important!

  1. The size and weight of the torch . Although these criteria may seem trivial, it makes the difference in the long run especially if you bring your lamp every day with you. Personally, we like models between 13 and 16 cm and with a weight not exceeding 300g with the battery.
  2. Autonomy. We know that this is quite complicated to judge and gauge because when you see “1:30 to maximum power” it’s hard to imagine how much is here for days/months when used for a short split from time to time . In the most will be absolute best but to be qualified according to different battery saving modes available to the lamp.
  3. The power max-min. Basically very few people will need flashlights illuminating more than 100 meters so this index is not necessarily to consider when choosing your tactical torch. Same for power, it is just a reference. Personally a lamp either 500 or 1000 lumens matter to us, it looks more like the side tactical modes.
  4. tactical modes. Criterion large enough for a tactical flashlight will you tell us! Well yes, we like the lamps that have at least three brightness modes to be able to adjust the intensity of the beam in our own way and play on the battery.
  5. Warranty. Although most major brands of lamps Tactical flashlights offer a minimum 2 year warranty. Check that this is the case when choosing your lamp. Namely that most warranties do not concern the LED and battery.
  6. Prize. Price is a key criterion for many people, especially if you want to invest in your first tactical flashlight. Not really advice to you at this level if not the quality at a price as in all areas of life and a lamp well maintained tactic can easily hold 5,10 years +

One last tip

There are a lot of Facebook campaigns extolling the virtues of American tactical flashlights etc with that false positive reviews. Do not be fooled by these models are of very poor quality ! You can find these models on Amazon for 10 € that claim tactic with 1000 lumens while they are only vulgar Chinese flashlights bought 3 euros. This was particularly the case with Lightstrike 360 or x800 Shadowhawk that we tested.

The last word:welcome to the world of lamps tactical torches!


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Sofirn C15 Kit Self defense Powerful LED Flashlight 18650 ...


Powerful Led Flashlight Cree xm l2 Portable Light Led …

Powerful Led Flashlight Cree xm l2 Portable Light Led ...


SureFire Releases Its Most Powerful LED Flashlight Ever …

SureFire Releases Its Most Powerful LED Flashlight Ever ...


Sofirn New SF36W Tactical LED Flashlight 18650 Cree XPL …

Sofirn New SF36W Tactical LED Flashlight 18650 Cree XPL ...


Sofirn SF36 SF36W Tactical LED Flashlight 18650 Cree XPL …

Sofirn SF36 SF36W Tactical LED Flashlight 18650 Cree XPL ...


Sofirn SF14 Mini Powerful Led Flashlight AA 14500 Torch …

Sofirn SF14 Mini Powerful Led Flashlight AA 14500 Torch ...


4000Lumens Powerful Tactical LED Flashlight CREE T6 5 Mode …

4000Lumens Powerful Tactical LED Flashlight CREE T6 5 Mode ...


Portable Powerful Led Flashlight CREE Q5 Waterproof Police …

Portable Powerful Led Flashlight CREE Q5 Waterproof Police ...


ThorFire C8s LED Flashlight 900 Lumens Most Powerful C8 …

ThorFire C8s LED Flashlight 900 Lumens Most Powerful C8 ...